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Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja

Complimentary dry fruits Prasad (50 to100gm) will be sent after the Puja

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Why To Prefer OnlinePathPuja.Com for Yagya Puja Execution ?

Vedic Yagya - Pujan Process

We follow only Vedic Ritual Process for all Yagya-Puja.

Our Moral Principles

The Purohits, performing Yagya/Puja/Jaap will be adhering to a strict food diet comprising only fruits and food eligible to be consumed during fasting. They will be eating grains or Anna Grahan would be initiated only once all the rituals are completed for the day. This ensures the Shuddh and Satvik puja process and maximum blessings of rituals.

Puja at Varanasi

According to Hindu scriptures if Jaap or Pooja is performed in the spiritual capital Kashi or Varanasi, the blessing is multiplied by over 1000 times. At online Path Puja, we perform these Jaap and Poojas in Varanasi exclusively to increase your divine blessings by over thousand times.

Kashi Purohits

We execute Jaaps and Poojas based on Kashi Purohits who follow the Vedas and are the oldest existing civilization in the world.

Prathinidhi Priest

We offer you the option to book a Pratinidhi or Representative in form of Priest/Pandit who performs all rituals on your behalf as a worshiper. This ensures you to make a symbolic presence at the same time also participating in the Yagna, Puja or Rituals.

Live Puja

Live Puja is one of the unique products of Online Path Puja. When you opt for the live telecast of your booked package, you delegate your rituals to a Vedic Pandit or Priest who performs it with devotion & purity but at the same time you have an option to witness Your Hawan-Pujan and participate as per your convenience.

For Clients

Jaap or Puja requires full devotion and some prohibitions. Therefore, we would request you to avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and other prohibited things during the tenure of Jaap or Puja. It will ensure maximum blessings and benefits.


No one is perfect and there is always scope to learn. At Online Path Puja it’s our mission to give you a perfect experience. However, in case you have suggestions on how and where we can improve our services please feel free to write. Our email is

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja

DEITY (आराध्य) : Hanuman Ji , Rahu Dev


  • Rahu Dosh Nivaran
  • Stress relief ( तनाव से मुक्ति )
  • Fate ( भाग्योदय )
  • Freedom from unknown fear ( अज्ञात भय से मुक्ति )


Amavasya, in Rahu Nakachatra (Ardra,Swati,Shatbhisha), In Krishna Paksha - Wednesday, Saturday


Below are more auspicious places for performing Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja in Kashi & Your Puja - Japa will be performed in Vedic way at either of these places.

Gauri Kedareshvar Temple / Kedar Ghat (Ganga Ghat) / Varanasi / Siddheshwar Mahadev Mandir - Assi / Varanasi / in Kedar Khand -Kashi

For live streaming or recording purpose the Puja maybe performed in a different temple in Kashi Kshetram.

The prasad can be offered at the specific temple mentioned/desired.


More Information
Language Preference :   Hindi
Country of Manufacture :   India
Sold By :   Boon And Blessings Pvt Ltd
Brand :   Online Path Puja
Purpose :   Rahu Dosh Nivaran
Deity :   Astro Planets, Rahu
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