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Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja

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Why To Prefer OnlinePathPuja.Com for Yagya Puja Execution ?

Vedic Yagya - Pujan Process

We follow only Vedic Ritual Process for all Yagya-Puja.

Our Moral Principles

The Purohits, performing Yagya/Puja/Jaap will be adhering to a strict food diet comprising only fruits and food eligible to be consumed during fasting. They will be eating grains or Anna Grahan would be initiated only once all the rituals are completed for the day. This ensures the Shuddh and Satvik puja process and maximum blessings of rituals.

Puja at Varanasi

According to Hindu scriptures if Jaap or Pooja is performed in the spiritual capital Kashi or Varanasi, the blessing is multiplied by over 1000 times. At online Path Puja, we perform these Jaap and Poojas in Varanasi exclusively to increase your divine blessings by over thousand times.

Kashi Purohits

We execute Jaaps and Poojas based on Kashi Purohits who follow the Vedas and are the oldest existing civilization in the world.

Prathinidhi Priest

We offer you the option to book a Pratinidhi or Representative in form of Priest/Pandit who performs all rituals on your behalf as a worshiper. This ensures you to make a symbolic presence at the same time also participating in the Yagna, Puja or Rituals.

Live Puja

Live Puja is one of the unique products of Online Path Puja. When you opt for the live telecast of your booked package, you delegate your rituals to a Vedic Pandit or Priest who performs it with devotion & purity but at the same time you have an option to witness Your Hawan-Pujan and participate as per your convenience.

For Clients

Jaap or Puja requires full devotion and some prohibitions. Therefore, we would request you to avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and other prohibited things during the tenure of Jaap or Puja. It will ensure maximum blessings and benefits.


No one is perfect and there is always scope to learn. At Online Path Puja it’s our mission to give you a perfect experience. However, in case you have suggestions on how and where we can improve our services please feel free to write. Our email is

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja :

DEITY (आराध्य) : Planets 


Mangal Dosh Nivaran / Early Marriage .


Tuesday / Sukla Paksh Auspicious Dates / Mrigashira Nakshatra / Chitra Nakshatra / Dhanishtha Nakshatra.


Below are more auspicious places for performing Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran puja in Kashi & Your Puja - Japa will be performed in Vedic way at either of these places.

Mangla Gauri Temple-Kashi / Kashi Kedarkhand.

Mangal Dosh Nivarana Puja-

Mangal dosh nivarana puja means nullifying the ill-effects through offering prayer rituals to the Mangal Graha (Mars planet)

Mangal dosh is referred to by other names too, like Bhauma dosha, and Kuja dosha respectively. This Mangal dosh affects both males and females in common as per their individual Kundlis or natal chart.

Mangal Graha (Mars planet) as per Vedic Astrology:

According to the Vedic astrology in a natal chart of an individual, the Navagraha’s play a major role, and amongst them the planet Mars or Mangal Graha holds a very specific place in the celestial council of the nine planets. The Mangal Graha is a fiery planet; it is considered to be the most aggressive one in the lot and is supposed to be said that it always keeps an eye on its foe. However, the planet also acts as a soldier protecting the individual too.

What are the 5-Houses of Mangal Dosh:

Mangal dosh occurs when the planet Mars is placed or seated in any of the 5- houses in an individual’s kundli or natal chart which consists of the 12 houses. The five houses wherein the Mangal Graha can be present are the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of an individual’s kundli (horoscope). Those males or females having the placement of Mangal Planet in any of the 5-houses in their charts would carry this dosh of Mangal Planet and are called Mangliks in our Hindu Sanatana Dharma way of life.

What are the ill-effects of Mangal Dosh:

The representation of the Five-houses with the ill-effects of Mangal Dosh

  • Mars planets presence when in the 1st House: This may result in conflicts and violence in marriage.
  • Mars planets presence when in the 4th House: This may result in an individual’s failure to succeed on the career/ professional front and one ultimately keeps on changing jobs on a regular basis.
  • Mars planets presence when in the 7th House: In this case, the Mangal dosh person’s (he or she) excessive energy is short or ill-tempered. It is also often seen that there is hardly any possibility of a cordial relationship with the family members, just because the Manglik person is too dominant in everything.
  • Mars planets presence when in the 8th House: Here, when the Mangal Graha resides in the eighth house, the person with the dosh is being alienated from elders, he/ she is being kept away from the paternal property, doesn’t get a share of it.
  • Mars planets presence when in the 12th House: While here, the individual goes through mental agonies/ sufferings, has lots of enemies and also faces financial instability or loss.
  • Points of clarification and consideration for an individual’s understanding about the Mangal Graha dosh: Negative & Positive
  • The Mars planet also shows or brings close two persons, the attraction of two people male and female. But what needs to be known is, if they both have Mangal dosh or just one of them. However, thus it is important and crucial to know everything about the Mangal dosh before one opts for marriage.
  • The Mars planet is referred to, as the war god too, and hence with its influence, the person has an argumentative, aggressive, hot-tempered, highly desirable sort of nature. The person with this dosh gets excited quickly about anything and everything.
  • An individual (male or female) with the Mangal dosh always lives under a very high competitive spirit, and the worst part is competition with even one’s soul mates, which affects their mutual bonding.
  • The Mars planet has a malefic effect; it may be the reason for an argumentative fight between married couples. At times in many cases, married couples with this Mangal dosh have severe internal disputes, and most often the relationship ends up in a divorce or separation-like situation.
  • The Mars planet’s aggression effects can be channelized too in a productive manner for positive matters if it is rightly placed in one’s natal chart. The best part of the planet Mars is, it grants any individual the ability to toil effort fully with an unwavering focus to complete a defined task to the mark.

What is Manglik Dosh?

When marriages are fixed, as per our Vedic Sanatana Dharma almost every Hindu household member goes by the Kundli or natal chart of the individual who is supposed to get married. If a person has a Mangal dosh, normally the marriage keeps getting delayed, thus the natal chart needs to be seen.

Any person (male or female), born with the Mangal dosh being present in the five houses- 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house with certain combinations is called a Manglik person.

If the Mangal dosh is not seen or rectified initially before marriage, it creates highly unfavorable conditions in the married life causing hurdles and unwanted turmoil such as financial instability, job/ professional discomfort, and many more. Further once married, the life of such couples undergoes non-stop tensions, discomfort levels in everyday life, and unhappiness continues which leads to separations most often.

Remedies for Mangal Dosh:

  • Marriage between two Manglik individuals (both girl and boy having Mangal dosh in their charts)

People look for proposals wherein the boy as well girl both have Mangal dosh in their Kundli, if both the partners are Mangliks then this Mangal dosh gets nullified and the malefic effects of the Mars planet gets negated, while the couple has a blessed and happy married life to follow.

  • Kumbh Vivah

When one of the people (male or female), is a Manglik while during the marriage, then the negative effects of Mangal dosh can be nullified or canceled by performing the ritualistic puja Kumbh Vivah, and multiple dosh pariharas (correction of dosh) rituals.

As per the Vedic Hindu Astrology ritual a Manglik person (Mangal dosh person) goes for a mock wedding, wherein the person is made to marry a Banana or Peepal tree, if not then otherwise to a silver/ gold idol of Lord Vishnu respectively.

  • Fasting and Prayer

The people with the Manglik dosh are said to keep fast are on Tuesdays and pray to the Mangal Graha, Lord Hanuman, and Vishnu.

  • Offerings to Mangal Graha

Some objects that are considered to be offered to please the Mangal Graha, are swords or knives, food items that are made of red lentil pulses (masoor daal), Rotis, bread (wheat), silk clothes in red color, and corals.

Performing Pujas through Vedic Pundits:

To reduce as well nullify the ill-effects caused by the Mangal Graha, a ritualistic Puja-Archana, Abhisheka, Japa, Hawan/ Yagna can be done along with Kumbh Vivaah, etc.

Performing these pujas on Tuesdays is considered very effective to negate the ill effects of Mangal Graha and the dosh rectified. The Vedic Pundit/s performing the same will do the puja rituals with a proper Sankalpam (vow), with Name, Nakshatra, Rashi, Gotra, and many more.

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