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Cancellation Policy



  • “You” means, The person browsing or using our Website for any purpose.
  • “Website” represents
  • “Use” means browsing, accessing, sourcing information/data using
  • “Customer” means anyone who is taking any kind of free/paid service from Website or Path Pooja as a Company
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our Team”, “Company” mean Path Pooja as a company.
  • “Product” means any physical product available on our Website
  • “Perishable Product” means Prashad& any other product ordered with it (Prashad Packages).
  • “Non-perishable Product” means any physical product excluding Prashad Packages
  • “Service” means packages not covered under Products.

We respect your association & if you have put a request for wrong Product / Service or don’t want ordered Product / Service, you can E-mail us within 24 hours of placing order. In all such cases We will refund your full amount without question. A feedback / reason will be appreciated to ensure consistent improvement & optimum customer satisfaction.

If you cancel the order for any physical delivery Product( likePrashad, or Products covered under “Pooja Products” category or Any other product which requires physical delivery) after 24 hours but before shipping of product, we will refund your full amount.

If you return any shipped nonperishable Productwithout receiving it, we will refund full amount excluding courier charges & transaction charges. Cancellation / return of Prashad is not at all allowed once its shipped & will not apply any kind of refund.

No cancellation of any Product is allowed after receiving it. It’s because of simple reason that Prashad is perishable product & other non-perishable products too will not be offered to anyone. We understand that each customer wants a totally fresh product & use by any previous buyer even for some time may have some adverse significance. Since we ensure totally new & unused product offering to buyers, such returns may not have desired value to next buyer.

If You find any Product which is not properly packed or tampered or in bad condition, we request You not to accept the Product & inform us on +91-9999441478 or

If You have not mentioned any occasion date for any Service, It will be by default treated as between 1 day to 1 week slot.

For any clarification on Our Cancellation Policy, You can write Us on