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About Mantra

Vedic Astrology offers three major ways to resolve complexities and intricacies arising from planetary positions. These are Mantra, Yantra and Gemstones. By using either one of these remedies or a combination of them you can reduce or ward off planetary conjuctions and their impacts on you, your life, profession, family and environment.

Mantra is a kind of recitation where combination of terms and syllable are structured in a format that their pronouciation helps to concentrate and channelize universal energy towards individual’s spiritual energy. The energy generated from this Mantra recitation is called Mantra Shakti. According to Vedic astrology, a mantra comprises of ‘Beej’ also called Root word and every planet has a unique root word for it. When you enchant a Mantra, you think, praise and seek power from the diety/God associated with that particular words. Mantra has a special significance as it synchronizes energy, breath, mind, soul and senses which in turn produce sound wave energy – a powerful enrgy that can transform life.

Mantra Use

Vedic Astrology defines Mantra as sounds of power and their regular recitation attracts positive energy which helps to please related deities or lords of planets and reduce negative effects. Enchanting it means you are calling divine power to help you and solve your problems. All Mantras have a syntactic structure and literal meaning. They alert the subconscious mind of human brain and help you to move step by step towards your desired objective. Physically it pacifies and eases your nervous system and also helps to inculcate confidence and concentration.

Mantra Benefits

When your Kundli or Birth chart is prepared, it shows the planetary positions and also divulges details on which planets are weak or badly placed. Since, the planetary positions define how would be your life, health, career and relationship, etc mantras helps to please both benefic and malefic planets. The beauty of mantras is that they only bring in positive energy and positive effects. So for whatever your desire is – health, wealth, pleasure, love, success, disease, troubles, happiness – just remember that Mantra will help you to overcome the difficulties.

Mantra Recitation

Every mantra has its own purpose and a specific number associated with it for its recitation. It works on principle that enchanting a mantra for specific number of times will produce a vibratory effect to activate and channelize the energy. Remember, every planet has its own mantra and number of times that mantra needs to be recited.

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