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The 70 Page Astrological Report gives you insight about your personal details,
planetary positions with predictions, dosh and their remedies and a lot more.

  • Personalised Horoscope
  • Detailed House Chart
  • Dosh Analysis

  • Sadhesati Timelines
  • 70 Pages Complete Life Report Based on Place Time & Date of Birth.
  • Planetary Positions & it's impact on your kundli
  • Undergoing Dasha Details
  • Gemstone Suggestion
  • Numerology Report Analysis
  • Lucky stone & Mantra Suggestion





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Features of Premium Vedic Horoscope

Personalized Horoscope:

It gives an insight of planets and their arrangements in sky at your birth time. With personalized horoscope, you their positions and understand what uncover what they hold for you.

Horoscope Charts:

It comprises three charts – Navmansha chart, Moon Chart and Ascendant Chart that together give you analysis how planets impact you. They together make it easy to understand analytical readings and also charts have also been simplified for you to know and understand.

Sign and House Analysis:

All the nine planets - Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Moon, Rahu and Ketu have different impact when in different houses and signs. With free horoscope and detailed analysis you can unveil what would be their effect on your life, career, finance, health, relation, family, etc.

Planetary Profiles:

Understand the planetary positions in horoscope whether they are Yogkaraka, Beneficial, Harmful or Neutral in your Kundli and get analysis as per signs.


Magic of numbers is very unique and different. They have own effects and impact us differently. The personalized report gives you complete analysis of you lucky and unlucky number analysis based on your birth date and name.

Mangalik and Kalsarp Dosh:

Planning to get married! These two dosh (fault in stars) are among the most harmful dosh in a Horoscope. But their effects could be reduced. Know more.

Pitra Dosha Analysis:

It is based on Karma and is a debt you owe to your ancestors. It is reflected through a special form of planetary combinations. Want to check if you, owe any Karmic debts? Get your free Kundli with solutions to negate its effects.

Sadhesati Timeline:

Sadhesati is a tenure of 7.5 years when planet Saturn moves through three 3 signs Moon, one before Moon and another after Moon. The report unravels the date and time of Sadhesati period which appears three times in a life cycle and how to reduce their effects.

Gems and Rudrakha:

Gems or colored stones are a form of therapy. Gems along with Mantras are two most powerful solutions to negate harmful effects of planets. Gems and Mantras are unique and they serve different purpose for different time periods and goals. Unveil what Gems and Mantras are made for you.

You would never find personalized horoscope so easy to understand.

Kundli PDF is our premium product and it offers a 70 page detailed report comprising various analyses like dosh, numbers, and predictions of good and harmful aspects of various planets in your horoscope.

Price : Rs 501 Rs 1100
You Save Rs 599 (55%)

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