Kundli Matching

Marriage is just not reunion of two bodies but also souls. So, it’s very important to study the bond and Kundali matching is analysis of how the bond would be developed and nurtured over the years. In other words Kundli matching is analysis of Vedic compatibility between bride and groom. Matching their Kundlis helps to determine if the reunion will result in happy married life, will the marriage be prosperous and joyful.

Why Match Kundli?

Over the years, the meaning of marriage has changed due to several factors including women empowerment and reclassification of socio-economic cultures. Hence, match making or Kundli matching assumes great significance. While families do compare traits like education, profession, family background, culture and caste, parents and bride/groom too are interested to explore an astronomical explanation on how the reunion will turned out to be. It answers some uncertainties and reassures them if the marriage would be happy, prosperous and contentment.

How does Kundli Matching works?

Hindu philosophy defines Marriage or Vivah as one of the 16 Samskaras which are rites to be performed in one complete life cycle. They are different stages of an individual’s life and since they are crucial, they are celebrated with respect.

Since, marriage is a crucial Samskara, Kundli matching helps to understand how the bride and groom stars influence them as individual and each other. It also suggests remedial measures in case of inauspicious events and tenures to ensure happy married life. It’s done through two widely followed horoscope matching system in Vedic astrology called Ashtakoot and Dashtakoot.

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