What is Horoscope or Kundli?

The Horoscope known as Kundli in Hindi is an interpretation of the planetary position of an individual. The predictions are based on the planet positions at the birth time and date. These planet positions give insight to your past, present and future so accuracy of birth date, time and place are very important. A Kundli can be generated through various options like Parashari, KP Kundli, Jaimini along with different Ayanamsa.

How does Horoscope or Kundli work?

An individual is born during a specific pattern of astronomical stars and planets. These are based as per time, date and place. The Kundli prepares a chart of these astronomical planet-earth-sky pattern positions based on three parameters time, date and place. These planets and their signs have indications. Analyse your Kundli in four steps. The four steps of Kundli analysis are analyzing, synthesizing, forecasting and application of remedies for corrective measures.

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