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What is Kundli?

Horoscope known as Kundli in Hindi is an interpretation of planetary position of an individual. The predictions are based on the planet positions at the birth time and date. These planet positions give insight to your past, present and future so accuracy of birth date, time and place are very important. A Kundli can be generated through various options like Parashari, KP Kundli, Jaimini along with different Ayanamsa. At AstroUnlock, you have all the options to pick and choose your own horoscope.

AstroUnlock presents you with blend of ancient Vedic Astrology and latest technology so that you are prepared for both good and unhappy events. With us you:

  • Explore your life’s past, present and future based on your date of birth, time and place.
  • Explore numerology based on your date of birth and name.
  • Explore fault (dosh) in your stars and their remedies
  • Insight of planetary positions and how they impact you
  • Insight of lucky number, color, day and destiny
  • Insight of how grah dosh period (fault in your stars) impact you in which areas like profession, personal life, etc
  • Acquire knowledge of your favourable and un-favourable times
  • Acquire remedies and solutions to your problems
  • Acquire devotional mantras to reduce/mitigate impact of doshs (faults) based on your Kundli and horoscope.

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How does Horoscope or Kundli works?

An individual is born during a specific pattern of astronomical stars and planets. These are based as per time, date and place. The Kundli prepares a chart of these astronomical planet-earth-sky pattern position based on three parameters time, date and place. These planets and their signs have indications. Analyse your Kundli in four steps.

Four steps of Kundli Analysis:

They can be broadly classified as analyzing, synthesizing, forecasting and application of remedies for corrective measures:

  • 1Analyzing the planetary positions by Vedic Astrology Horoscope.
  • 2Synthesizing the contradictory and multiple meanings derived from Kundli charts, dasha and other techniques of horoscope analysis to arrive at a self-conscience.
  • 3Forecasting your personality, sequence of events, behavioural patterns
  • 4Applying solutions to improve Kundli quality and reduce impact of dosha and malefic planets for a prosperous life.
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