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Online Path Puja is a one-stop solution for all your religious, astrological and spiritual needs. In today’s fast-paced world many times despite our feelings, we are unable to perform religious and spiritual ceremonies due to work and home commitments.

At Online Path Puja, it’s our endeavour to bring the world of religion, spirituality and astrology at your doorsteps so that no one is devoid of the divine blessings. Presently, we are offering just solutions limited to Hindu religion. Hinduism is a way of life that is an ocean of wisdom embedded with social, economic, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects of life in a scientific way with reasoning.

Our teams of professionals comprise intellectuals who are highly committed and educated. Their in-depth knowledge would not only help you to bring peace in your life and around you, but also calm your curiosity with valid reasoning. We offer a wide variety of intellectuals to choose from so that you are enlightened spiritually and scientifically.

Choose from our long list of services and products to seek divine blessings: (Please insert the relevant links)

Yagya or Puja: When you are unable to perform Yagya or Puja due to several reasons, you can book them with us. A dedicated Pandit will be appointed who would undertake Yagya or Puja, Fasting and perform other religious ceremonies on your behalf. One of our unique features is that you can view this LIVE.

Book Pandit Ji Online: Planning religious rituals or Yagya or Puja at home or office. No need to go and search for the right Pandit ji. You can book one with us and he will arrive at your prescribed place and time as per the Muharat decided by you.

Online Temple Prasad: Due to logistical reasons many times it’s difficult to visit your desired temple. Through this service, we will offer Prasad to the deity on your behalf and the remainder will be sent to you at your desired address.

Bhoj Daan: Planning to feed Brahmins but don’t have resources or time. Don’t worry. At Online Path Puja, you just decide the number of Brahmins you want to feed and what other materialistic things you want to offer. We will do it on your behalf.

Divine Store: Looking for quality products for your prayers and other religious ceremonies. Our divine store gives you a range of products to choose from with assurance of quality. We are also offering customized religious idols and divine T-shirts services in the store.

Astrology: We provide both computerized and Pandit based astrology predictions. We are one of the only companies in India using state-of-art technology for astrology predictions. Besides, you can also avail services from the range of Pandits available on our website.

Tutorials: We provide tutorials for Yoga and Astrology which could be customized according to the date and time that suits you.

Launching Soon:

a) How to make 16 Sanskars part of your life?
b) Digital library to bring the right rituals and their stories.
c) Research Centre to brief about scientific and sociological reasons behind Hindu customs.
d) Hindi and English translation of Sanskrit scriptures

Apart from paid services, Online Path Puja provides several free services like free Kundli, Match Making, Shubh Muharats, Panchangs, Festival Details, etc. For details feel free to explore.

We believe in Sanatan way of life which aspires for the world’s well being

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुख भागभवेत।

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